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5 Years After the Fall (2016)5 Years After the Fall :- Watch 5 Years After the Fall on Youtube on Fire, After an industrial disaster, the world’s food and water supplies are contaminated. The rich and powerful retreat into fortified cities where life goes on, undisturbed by the starving masses outside their walls. While the outside world slides into unspeakable madness, Jacob, an idealistic citizen, is on his way to the inner sanctum with others hell-bent on revolution when their train is attacked. Taking refuge in an abandoned house, he stumbles on a warlord’s fortified cache of weapons and must fight for his life against humans turned savage. While desperately trying to hold onto his sanity, Jacob is forced into more and more heinous acts of torture and murder to keep himself alive. 5 Years After the Fall starts off fun enough! Things seem pretty happy go lucky, but pretty soon things happen, the world as we know it is whipped out and now we are dealing with things “after the fall”. Well, we actually start off with the stuff already hitting the fan, but we are in the part that isn’t affected by it YET. Not that we start out in modern times anyway, because you can see very early on that we are WAY into the future anyway. Some of the new technology we see folks using tells us this bit of info. Which is a bit odd in some ways, but adds to the uniqueness of the film in some ways just the same. Anyway, things happen and our leading man ends up outside the safe area and that becomes the main focus of the film.

5 Years After the Fall on YoutubeonFire :-
Release: 14 June 2016
IMDB Rating: 5.0/10
Director: Brent Nurse
Stars: Zorba Dravillas, Nicole Garrett, Gabe Meacher

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