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A Bug's LifeA Bug’s Life :- Watch A Bug’s Life on Youtube on Fire, There was a time, not many years ago, when Disney movies were enchanting. “The Little Mermaid” and “Beauty and the Beast” created worlds of wonder and beauty, with just a twinkle of concorable evil that lay just beneath the surface. “Aladdin” had a comic energy that it gathered from Robin Williams’ unquenchable and potent talent. But with every ensuing Disney movie, the joie de vivre that made Disney such a power seemed to slip further and further away. The enchantment is back. “A Bug’s Life” is an imaginative and joyous romp that leaves the other autumn bug movie, the competent “Antz”, far behind in the ant hill gathering food for the winter. The plot of “A Bug’s Life” is similar to that of all of the recent Disney movies. There is an outsider; in this case, it is Flik, an ant voiced by News Radio’s David Foley. Some life-changing event occurs Flik knocks over the pile of food the ants have been building for months and the outsider is forced to leave the place he or she has known as home. Eventually, the outsider joins others who don’t quite fit into society. The movie’s energy doesn’t come from its story, then; it comes from its characters. In particular, the group of circus bugs that Flik joins after leaving the colony are the most exciting supporting cast in a Disney movie in a long, long time. Between the male ladybug Francis, the gibberish-speaking Hungarian pillbugs sure to be a favorite with the smallest kids.

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Animation, Adventure, Comedy
Release: 25 November 1998 (USA)
IMDB Rating: 7.2/10
Director: John Lasseter, Andrew Stanton
Stars: Kevin Spacey, Dave Foley, Julia Louis-Dreyfus

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