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Albert Up, Up And Away! (2015)Albert: Up, Up And Away! :- Watch Albert: Up, Up And Away! on YoutubeonFire, Albert Up, Up And Away! is an animated movie based on the children’s book by Danish writer Ole Lund Kirkegaard. It’s about a young boy named Albert who dreams of being the pilot of a hot air balloon. The opening shot follows a red balloon (of course making me think of a certain short film from 1956), which drifts to the statue of the town’s hot air balloon captain. Almost from the moment of Albert’s birth, he seems to cause mischief, leading to the destruction of the statue. One townsperson exclaims, “The boy must supply us with a new one.” Odd demand to make of an infant, right? But this film has an odd, whimsical tone, and it’s not long before Albert wants to make it up to the town. After all, he realizes the people of the town dislike him because of the mishap with the statue. So he announces that he will become a hot air balloon captain and travel the world. The townspeople applaud his decision (more because they’ll be getting rid of the boy than because they’ll gain a new statue). The movie then follows his adventures as he pursues that dream, accompanied (somewhat reluctantly) by his best friend Egon, who is more interested in piracy than balloons. The boys become involved with a trio of bumbling crooks who plan to steal a diamond. Add a couple of bumbling cops as well.

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Release: 11 November 2015 (Belgium)
IMDB Rating : 7.5/10
Animation, Action, Adventure
Director: Karsten Kiilerich
Stars : Oscar Dietz, Peter Zhelder, Asta Nordby

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