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alpha and omega: dino digsalpha and omega: dino digs :- Watch alpha and omega: dino digs on Youtube on Fire,The film begins 65 million years ago, where it shows a young female raptor named Amy being chased by a roaring T-Rex, as a meteor shower starts raining down, wiping out all the dinosaurs – including Amy and the T-Rex. The scene cuts back to the present, as the area where one of the meteors hit, is now turned into a sacred burial ground for humans to dig up ancient dinosaur bones.Meanwhile, the leader of the human diggers Mac has build a golf course near the site, which upsets his brother Ian, who is an environmentalist. The humans have also build fake dens nearby for wolves nearby. Both men arrive to the burial ground, as Mac explains that a museum will pay him millions of dollars for finding rare dinosaur bones. As the two trappers from the fifth film are digging, the sunlight causes Amy to magically be brought back to life. While this is happening, Kate and Humphrey are moving to the man-made dens – which are referred to as “wolf-burbia” – since they have been constantly threatened by rogue wolves. Kate loves the idea much to Humphrey’s dismay. As Carney shows them inside the den (which has electricity that turns on automatically when the wolves enter or clap their paws), Marcel and Paddy arrive and Carney tries to shoo them away, which causes Paddy to poop on her face. After a brief tour of the cave, Marcel and Paddy are not too keen of their new location, but when Carney mentions golf, they both change their minds and agree to move there. Humphrey is hesitant, but he eventually agrees for the safety of his family. As they move the pups to their new home during the night, the next day the pups wake up to see their new home, but just like their father they’re not satisfied at all. The wolves go out to explore the new area, but the pups grow tired and run back into the forest, much to Kate’s dismay who adores the place.

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Adventure, Animated
Release: 2016-05-22
IMDB Rating : 68/100
Director: Tim Maltby
Stars : Ben Diskin, Lindsay Torrance, Kate Higgins, Hunter Swan, Erin Fitzgerald,

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