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AmeriGeddonAmeriGeddon :- Watch AmeriGeddon on Youtube on Fire, Amerigeddon the movie has quite possibly done more damage to furthering the discussion of a runaway government and the impacts of it than anything else in its cinematic attempt. This is an example of good intentions gone sideways and at worst just another rich guy making a “B” movie to get his face on the big screen. Using the “EMP” doomsday approach to make a movie narrative is understandable. Making an over dramatic, choppy, and under developed story line film that my friends wanted to walk out of is bull headed irresponsibility. The movie itself started out with plausible and believable scenes in the first few minutes that quickly get over shadowed by bad music, 1980’s sound effects at “key” moments, and acting that would make a high school drama teacher throw their glasses in disgust at. While it didn’t have to be cutting edge graphics or sounds track quality, it does have to be fully watchable. It isn’t. It is painful to sit all the way through. The end battle was worse than an old scene from the 80’s A-Team TV show. For those people that have been in the military, or follow world events from an anti-globalist perspective, this movie lets you walk out of the theater having to apologize for the horrible creation the people that went with them just saw. There is no plausible transition to a realistic conversation about politics, individual preparedness, or faith at the end of this film.

AmeriGeddon on YoutubeonFire :-
Release: 13 May 2016 (USA)
IMDB Rating: 5.6/10
Director: Mike Norris
Stars: Dina Meyer, India Eisley, Diane Ladd

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