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Andron (2015)Andron :- Watch Andron on Youtube on Fire, I don’t know if this is the absolute worst movie that I’ve ever seen but it is certainly a contender. Believe me, it’s not a movie that’s so bad that it’s good . . it’s just BAD. It’s a vampire that sucks up an hour and forty minutes of your time that could have been spent on something more entertaining, like hammering No.2 pencils into your corneas. This movie does not suspend disbelief, it celebrates it. My impression was that everyone involved just wanted to get the thing in the “done” column so they could go do something (anything) else. It seems that no effort was spent on trying to immerse the viewer so it was torture seeing it through to the end as a detached observer rather than being drawn in to a subjective, personal experience. They just didn’t make me care a bit about any of the characters’, it would have been more interesting and more dramatic watching insects fly around one of those bug zappers. The only award this stinker deserves is a felony conviction for impersonating entertainment. This movie is SO bad, that it needs to get some kind of recognition with at least a short review. In my life I’ve seen many, many bad movies, but believe me, even in the worst cases I would always find a reason to finish it…maybe a bit of curiosity, or just to see HOW low it could go, or by just telling myself that if I had already wasted one hour of my life, why not making it one and a half and see if there was a remote chance it got (dare I say it?) ‘better’? But this one was just too much, I stopped it 40 minutes in and never turned back. For some reason, I had not checked IMDb’s ratings before, but I certainly did after, and it’s funny to realize that I have now spent more time on the film’s page on IMDb than watching the movie itself. Yes, it’s THAT bad. The game concept works. Each player has a symbol tattooed on their neck that matches a symbol on a wall to get a cool weapon. Most players got simple guns while other got some really cool stuff straight out of a video game (like one guy got a really cool Mega Man like weapon). Once in a while they battle androids robots that look like ninjas, as well as fighting each other until their numbers dwindled down.

Andron on YoutubeonFire :-
Action, Sci-Fi
Release: 3 June 2016 (USA)
IMDB Rating: 2.7/10
Director: Francesco Cinquemani
Stars: Leo Howard, Gale Harold, Michelle Ryan

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