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The Antwerp Dolls (2015)The Antwerp Dolls :- Watch The Antwerp Dolls on Youtube on Fire, Love them or hate them, low-budget British crime and gangster films will never die. I know some see these types of films as guilty pleasures, but I have a genuine soft spot and overall appreciation for them. They can’t all be winners (I’m looking at you Full English Breakfast!), every now and then you get a film like Age of Kill or Orthodox. When the snobs cry about these films being mindless or silly, they seem to forget that no matter how good or bad the film in question is, it’s a great way for talented people to begin a career in the world of film. Maybe people should stop complaining about how much Robert Downey Jr. makes in his Marvel outings and maybe focus their energy on praising homegrown and often unappreciated talent? Just a thought. Anyway, let’s me get off my soapbox and on to The Antwerp Dolls, a British independent gangster film from first time writer and director Jake. L. Reid. Tommy Callaghan (Wing) is an old-school East end gangster who is a little bit past his prime. To try and show the rest of London and his critics that he’s still got it, Tommy plans to forge a lucrative relationship with Ray (Payne) and Max Ferrino (Cronin), the Belgium mob. Tommy has his best couriers on a job to intercept a package. Unfortunately for him, former employees Mike (Anderson) and Sonny (Cutler), a pair who find him way past his prime, have the package intercepted causing a whole load of trouble for all parties involved.

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Release: 23 February 2016 (USA)
IMDB Rating : 5.5/10
Action, Crime, Thriller
Director: Jake L. Reid
Stars : Jason Wing, Bruce Payne, Sean Cronin

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