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Arrow Season 4 Episode 1Arrow Season 4 Episode 1 “Green Arrow” :- Watch Arrow Season 4 Episode 1 “Green Arrow” on Youtube on Fire, Suffice to say, season four has a lot to prove, and that starts with somehow backtracking on season three’s happier-than-happy ending in a way that doesn’t feel cheap or piss off any Olicity fans. When we open, we’re greeted with a completely domesticated Oliver (the green jogging hoodie was a nice touch) living in the suburbs with Felicity, having brunch with normal friends and planning another happily ever after in which the two of them get engaged. Back in Star City, now officially renamed, those he left behind are doing a pretty good job protecting The Arrow’s legacy. I could go into how amazing I felt when the first superheroics we see are from Laurel and Thea, two women so frequently mistreated by the show’s writers, but I won’t. The important thing is that Black Canary, Red Arrow and Diggle in a silly hat are protecting the city pretty well without Oliver, even if it’s in worse shape than ever. People are leaving, authority figures are being killed and the city is suffering substantially from all of the genocidal events that occurred since season one. It makes total sense. But seeing the new team assembled in the Arrow Cave is the moment you realise how much Arrow has managed to achieve since it began. This is a whole universe now, not just one show. It’s the show that’s made an entire network reshape its strategy, and it’s one that’s actually built on its previous ratings despite a badly reviewed season.

Arrow Season 4 Episode 1 “Green Arrow” on YoutubeonFire :-

Action, Adventure, Crime
Release: 7 October 2015
IMDB Rating: 8.5/10
Director: Thor Freudenthal
Stars: Stephen Amell, Katie Cassidy, David Ramsey

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