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Assassins (2014)Assassins :- Watch Assassins on Youtube on Fire, What can we say about Danny Dyer? Well that you probably had a reaction to that name at least shows that he has an impact on the pop culture of movies and television. This isn’t going to be a review that takes a look at him at his worst though, or even his best, but we can’t get away from the fact that Assassin is a film that is using not only his star quality but that of Martin and Gary Kemp to get some attention. Not to say that is a bad thing though. In Assassin Danny Dyer plays the part of Jamie a cold-faced assassin given the job to kill a business man who has managed to get on the wrong side of John and Lee Alberts (Garry and Martin Kemp) notorious gang land legends who have managed to clean up their act, or that is what they want people to think. Everything seems to go okay until Keith falls in love with the victim’s daughter Chloe (Holly Weston) who refuses to stop investigating the truth behind her father’s death. When she comes too close for comfort to the truth, the brothers target her for death too. Keith is given the task of killing her, but finds himself torn between protecting the women he loves and doing the job he was paid to do. Assassin has a story that feels like it does just enough to keep the audience’s interest,

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Release: 2014 (USA)
IMDB Rating : 7.5/10
Action, Drama, Thriller
Director: Michael Bonomo
Stars : Bill Oberst Jr., Dove Meir, Katie Molinaro

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