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Bad BuildingBad Building :- Watch Bad Building on Youtube on Fire, The Desmond the building’s pleasant sounding name hides a troubled past. The high rise has a long history of fires, murders, madness and even colonial era genocide upon the site. The towering building has stood empty for the better part of a century and even squatters dare not enter it’s fortress like walls. But now Johnny Craig, the host of the popular TV paranormal investigation show ‘America’s Most Haunted’ is planning to do a prime-time special from inside The Desmond. With no known way in, or out, Craig has contacted a group of urban explorers to help him and his film crew enter the building. But when Craig and his team set foot inside The Desmond the events that caused the building to be abandoned in the first place begin to repeat. Some feeble-minded “Reality Show” people sneak into a supposedly haunted building. There is little indication that they would fare well in a haunt-free structure. I found no reason to care if any of them survives the experience. I suspect the intended audience is people looking to stream a suspense movie, who become impatient once they pass the letter “B” in the rental listings. The plot has a group of ghost hunters who are going all out to keep their program from being cancelled. The first scene in the film is indicative of the rest of the movie. The “producer” who threatens the host with cancellation appears to have been brought in off the street to play the part.

Bad Building on YoutubeonFire :-
Release: 6 August 2015 (USA)
IMDB Rating: 2.9/10
Director: Philip Granger
Stars: Simone Alexander, Jimmy Breau, Kindall Charters

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