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Bad People (2016)Bad People :- Watch Bad People on Youtube on Fire, Sketch comedy is back! If “Key & Peele” & “Clerks” had sex, BAD PEOPLE would be their deranged child! A quirky & smart dark comedy, bursting with sex, violence, dirty politics & fame whores, BAD PEOPLE is a hilarious tale that reminds us that we all have a dark side! This soon-to-be cult classic slashes our corrupt society with several dark & nasty short stories jam packed with silly & whacky characters! Sex-starved surfer girls seeking random guys online, crack addicted politicians, reality TV whores, religious scam artists, and more! BAD PEOPLE will have you pissing your pants for years to come!“Bad Moms” nails that universal sensation—surprisingly, it was written by two men, directors Jon Lucas and Scott Moore—but it balances its nuggets of truth with hilariously raunchy humor. The idea of friends liberating themselves through completely inappropriate behavior is something Lucas and Moore know a little something about: They wrote the first “The Hangover” movie and wrote and directed the 2013 college romp “21 & Over” (which I liked vaguely better than most critics). Here, they reveal a surprising knack for real-world insight while still giving us slo-mo party montages of women drunkenly raiding the grocery store, bouncing up and down while chugging from vodka bottles and making out with each other to thumping dance music.It’s a tricky combination to pull off, and Lucas and Moore do run into some slightly awkward tonal shifts in the more dramatic scenes. But in the pantheon of “Bad” movies—“Bad Santa,” “Bad Teacher,” “Bad Grandpa”—this one’s actually pretty good. For the film to be about more than just wildly outrageous behavior (although those moments are the one that provoke the biggest and well-earned laughs), these have to feel like real people and we have to care about them too. And we do, thanks to a strong cast of comic actresses who have an easy chemistry with each other.

Bad People on YoutubeonFire :-
Release: 11 November 2016 (USA)
IMDB Rating: 4.4/10
Director: Alex Petrovitch
Stars: Bear Badeaux, Ken Bhan, Maria Falgione


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