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Ballers Season 1 Episode 9Ballers Season 1 Episode 9 “Head-On” :- Watch Ballers Season 1 Episode 9 “Head-On” on Youtube on Fire, Part of the reason why Ballers can be brilliant is that it tackles so many different facets of an athletes life during and post career. Spencer has gone through a lot in terms of his clients this season, but what has been haunting him the most was his career ending hit he put on another player. This episode tackled that glaring hole in his mental stability. I think this half of the season has felt a lot more fresh than before as I think they have gone deeper into each of their main characters and haven’t relied on already-used issues like earlier on. I really enjoyed seeing Spencer going back and facing his past in a more vulnerable way than ever before. There was something to be said about seeing a big and tough football player in such a vulnerable place. I will say the ending with Dan throwing the first pitch at a camera guy was very strange though. The Reggie scene on the other hand felt very fake and forced. More than any other storyline or characters this season, I feel like Reggie and Vernon have felt like they are from an entirely different show. So I hope to see Reggie exit this group ASAP. Charles and Ricky took a step back this week in terms of their hopes to win back their coach and girlfriend respectively. I did find Charles storyline a bit more interesting especially now that he has a kid on the way.

Ballers Season 1 Episode 9 “Head-On” on YoutubeonFire :-

Comedy, Drama, Sport
Release: 16 August 2015
IMDB Rating: 8.5/10
Director: Julian Farino
Stars: Dwayne Johnson, John David Washington, Omar Benson Miller

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