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Barcelona A Love Untold (2016)Barcelona A Love Untold :- Watch Barcelona A Love Untold on Youtube on Fire, Shooting a film out of the country is getting to be the in thing for local filmmakers these days. Aldub’s Imagine You and Me was shot in Italy, Jadine’s This Time in Japan, and now, Kathniel has Barcelona, Spain in its latest starrer. Barcelona: A Love Untold, is the comeback movie of Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo to the big screen and their first under director Olivia Lamasan. The movie attempts to ’recreate ’ Daniel and Kathryn in a love story sans the usual sweet and innocent roles, supposedly to show how much the 5-year old love team has evolved through the years. In the movie, Ely (Daniel) is a student in Barcelona pursuing further studies in Architecture while engaged in three (3) jobs as a tour guide, waiter and photographer to support himself and provide for his family back home. He lives with his aunt (Aiko Melendez) and her son Tonying (Joshua Garcia ) while estranged with his wealthy biological mother (Isabel Lopez) who also lives in Barcelona. Ely meets the troubled Mia who goes to Spain to escape some personal issues in the Philippines that had antagonized her relationship with her strict father (Ricky Davao). Unfortunately, she would be faced with more trouble in Barcelona. Coming from a privileged background, Mia is at a loss and can’t cope as an OFW doing menial jobs and hard labor. About to surrender to her fate, Ely helps and guides her in a big way. There are so many issues to untangle in this movie. Apart from Ely’s falling out with his mother, for example, he struggles to get over a relationship gone bad with a girl named Celine, who interestingly or oddly, looks a lot like Mia. This plot makes a turning point as it inches and weaves its way into the story.

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Drama, Romance
Release: 14 September 2016 (Philippines)
IMDB Rating: 7.6/10
Director: Olivia M. Lamasan
Stars: Kathryn Bernardo, Christina Sanchez Elloso, Joshua Garcia

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