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Bark RangerBark Ranger :- Watch Bark Ranger on Youtube on Fire, Parents need to know that Bark Ranger is another in the live-action, popular “talking dog joins up with good kids against bumbling criminals” genre. There’s nothing like some really boneheaded bad guys tripping over themselves, making one bad decision after another, and farting and burping their way into the hands of the law to provide lowbrow laughs for primary and middle school-age kids. The requisite farcical action sequences chases, tripping, falling, head bonks, groin smashes, bullies on the prowl, and a skeleton popping up are intact here, along with two always brave kids on a quest to save the “family farm,” which in this case is a national park with financial problems. And shoring up the humor while keeping tabs on the plot with a sassy worldview is Ranger, a beautiful talking dog voiced by Jon Lovitz. Nothing is truly suspenseful or frightening here; no antics result in injuries, and the villains are never more than inept clowns. Bark Ranger is better than it should be, because it actually has some funny moments. Rather than simply being over-the-top, exaggerated simpletons, the two villains (Marty Adams and Jason Blicker) perform with some genuine gusto and even clowning expertise. Plus, the likable kids who depend on their wits, courage, and the wisecracking dog (voiced by Jon Lovitz) are a step above the usual unpolished performers in this genre. Though entirely predictable and derivative, for kids who understand real vs. pretend danger and who think farting, having a gurgling stomach, eating dog food.

Bark Ranger on YoutubeonFire :-
Release: 14 April 2015 (USA)
IMDB Rating: 4.7/10
Director: Duncan Christie
Stars: Jon Lovitz, Max, Lucius Hoyos

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