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Benji the Hunted (1987)Benji the Hunted :- Watch Benji the Hunted on Youtube on Fire, In this children film Benji the Hunted, the show dog Benji is lost at sea and winds up in the wilderness of Oregon to fend for himself. Benji’s one and only plan is to get back into his master’s arms as soon as possible, until he finds four orphaned cougar kittens whose mother was shot by a hunter. Now his ultimate task is to get the four orphaned kittens into the care of another mother cougar with her single child while avoiding the threatening animals of the wild. It’s been years and years since I’ve seen this one but I remember it very fondly. Perhaps one of neatest things about the movie is that there is little to no dialog so we don’t have to worry about horrible actors. Benji is great. He is extremely convincing when he stops to ponder various situations like when he knows his owner is nearby but he decides against going home right away. I just happened across the page for Benji but now that I have, I think I need to get to Blockbuster to pick this one up. I highly recommend. Benji the Hunted is a movie that will surely bring a warm joy to animal lovers. The biggest strength of the movie is the detailed portrayal of emotions by the animal star-cast. It is nearly impossible to miss the perfection with which director Joe Camp captures even tiny details like the trembling legs of cougar kittens that followed Benji, the innocence of their faces, or even their spontaneous playful nature. The movie is not about Benji performing breath-taking complicated maneuvers to save the day, rather how Benji faces the day-to-day challenges of living in the wild with the added responsibility of four orphaned cougar kittens. The challenges of the wild are plentiful, enough to keep your eyes hooked to the screen. Yet it’s not a fast-paced thriller which would have cost the movie its credibility as a realistic one. The human actors in the movie have very limited role, and the director wastes no time in bundling them out of limelight. Benji again emerges as a hero, showing a big “human” heart, and the message of peace and non-violence is very effectively communicated in the movie. The background score is average, yet does its job efficiently by not distracting the audience from the movie. It is a family movie suitable for all age groups, and a recommended watch for all animal lovers.

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Adventure, Family
Release: 5 June 1987 (USA)
IMDB Rating: 6.3/10
Director: Joe Camp
Stars: Red Steagall, Frank Inn, Benjean

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