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Birds of Neptune (2015)Birds of Neptune :- Watch Birds of Neptune on Youtube on Fire, At Bird Island, an island inhabited by flightless birds, reclusive, grumpy clown Red is sentenced to anger management class after his temper costs him a customer. One day, a boat docks at Bird Island, carrying pigs from Piggy Island led by Leonard. Claiming to be a peaceful explorer and bringing offerings of friendship, the pigs are accepted on the island. More pigs begin to flock to Bird Island without hesitation from the birds.Eventually, the pigs adjust to society, but Red becomes suspicious of their motives. He recruits his classmates Chuck and Bomb to help him find Mighty Eagle, a giant eagle said to be the protector of the island, and the only bird that can fly. They find him on top of Bird Mountain, but the lazy Mighty Eagle is revealed to be retired and hasn’t flown in years. Later, Red’s group sees the pigs planting explosives around the island and realizes they are stealing the birds’ eggs. Red and Bomb attempt to retrieve the eggs, but the pigs escape and their explosives destroy the village. When the birds realize what happened, Red rallies them to let their anger loose.The birds construct a boat and sail to Piggy Island, where they find the pigs living in a walled city. Deducing the eggs are most likely in the central castle of the city, the birds attack the pigs by slinging birds at them using a giant slingshot.

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Release: 22 March 2016 (USA)
IMDB Rating : 5.5/10
Drama, Music, Mystery
Director: Steven Richter
Stars : Kyle Wise, Greg James, Lauren Luiz

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