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Breakup NightmareBreakup Nightmare :- Watch Breakup Nightmare on Youtube on Fire,When Barbara learns that nude photos of HER daughter have been put up on a revenge porn site, she vows to get them taken down. But the site’s administrator and his followers refuse, threatening Barbara’s family in retaliation. Barbara doesn’t back down, but in doing so, her and her daughter’s lives are systematically destroyed both online and off.This film is everything that folks who make fun of Lifetime movies are making fun of. It suffers from a very poor script, and actors from the Mediocre School of Acting. The mother, in particular, is pretty dreadful, though the daughter could probably do quite well in another story with a different director.Part of the problem is that at its heart, this is little more than an after school special, about a stupid teenage girl who does stupid things. We get it – we have been ‘getting it’ for the past ten years. And as such, this feels tired and washed out.
Some of the offerings from Lifetime are really very good, but this is not one of them. As average as they come. It should be called ‘Breakup Nightmare: Now in Beige!’

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Release: 6 March 2016 (USA)
IMDB Rating : 61/100
Director: Mark Quod
Stars : Jennifer Dorogi, Celesta DeAstis, Joel Berti

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