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Code 8Code 8 :- Watch Code 8 on Youtube on Fire,In an alternate reality, 4% of the world’s population is born with special abilities. Most of these “specials” live under poverty line. Taylor, a “special” living way under the poverty line takes different construction jobs in order to support his family. One day after work, over payment issues, Taylor intentionally damages his employer’s property. The police goes after Taylor and his friend, and just when the police is about to arrest Taylor, a fight erupts. Code 8″ is a 10-minute live action short film that was released on Youtube a couple days ago and quickly racked up hundreds of thousands of viewers. This does not make it a good film though. It takes place in a world where certain people possess super powers and the police fights them with lots of violence when they use them. Pretty generic and uninteresting if you ask me. The mediocre acting wasn’t helping either. This is a film that pretty much relies entirely on special effects, visually and audibly, to make up for the lack of a better story. However, at this runtime it is still bearable, but seeing how a full feature film based on this premise got greenlit kinda scares me. I do not expect too much here. I am not a big fan of Stephen Amell on “Arrow” and apparently his popularity is now used to make his little brother a star too. Family affairs like this really suck, especially as Robbie isn’t a better actor either. Thumbs down for “Code 8”. Don’t be fooled by the high rating. I assume this mostly comes from “Arrow” fanboys who automatically love everything that has the name Amell attached to it regardless of the quality. Here it is low quality. Thumbs down.

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Short, Action, Crime
Release: 22 March 2016 (USA)
IMDB Rating : 82/100
Director: Jeff Chan
Stars:  Stephen Amell, Robbie Amell, Sung Kang

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