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Cosmos (2015)Cosmos :- Watch Cosmos on Youtube on Fire, While strolling through the woods, a self-questioning law student chances upon a sparrow dangling by a string and, obsessed with its significance, begins an inquiry into the interrelatedness of things. Adapted by Polish nonconformist Andrzej Zulawski from Witold Grombowicz’s at times dauntingly surreal novel, “Cosmos” teases with the possibility that its many droll, enigmatic details — which range from slugs on the breakfast tray to a pair of characters played by the same actress, one with a grotesquely disfigured harelip, the other without — conceal some deeper meaning. Knowing what to expect, Zulawski fans have been waiting 15 years (the span since “Fidelity”) for just this chance to be left dangling, whereas mainstream auds would sooner stick to more conventional entertainments. Of all artistic forms, cinema is the most like dreaming, and yet over the years, moviegoers have relinquished the virtually boundless potential of that medium in favor of rote realism: On the blank slate that is the bigscreen, whether they realize it or not, most audiences expect cause to precede effect and for logic to govern what they see. In considering both the macro (the cosmos) and the micro (a film like “Cosmos”), they seek intelligent design, but rarely find more than irrational chaos — particularly in the work of a cult director like Zulawski (known for such erotically charged psycho-sexual provocations as “Possession” and “La femme publique”). Grombowicz saw humor in this search, naming his leading man (failing at both the bar exam.

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Release: 3 December 2015 (Portugal)
IMDB Rating : 5.5/10
Director: Andrzej Zulawski
Stars : Sabine Azéma, Jean-François Balmer, Jonathan Genet

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