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David Choe: High RiskDavid Choe: High Risk :- Watch David Choe: High Risk on Youtube on Fire, Artist David Choe has led a life of high risk, from hedonistic excesses to being imprisoned at a maximum security facility in a foreign country, and yet has been dramatically rewarded for his exploits. Life didn’t change much when he traded a $60k fee in favor of stock in a start-up called The Facebook, but now he is estimated to be worth over $250 million, highlighting a colorful career filled with giant street art installations, pornstar affairs and investigative reporting for companies like Vice and CNN. This looks like Dirty Hands just with new interviews with Kevin Smith and Sean Parker.. is that it? I guess for people who don’t know who David Choe it will be a great way to get new exposure but not too sure if there will be a lot more new material. I look forward to any documentary about the DVDASA Crew. I really think an Asa Akira documentary would do well, I’m sure it will be widely popular especially after her first book. Director and childhood friend Harry Kim guides us through the fantastically surreal life of Choe featuring interviews and appearances by Kevin Smith, Eli Roth, Sasha Grey, Sean Parker, and Shepard Fairey.Just watched the new 45min doc on DC and it is a concise, streamlined Dirty Hands pt 2 with a few more interviews and Harry chipping in on narration. I’m still not sure why they made this sequel so short when there is so much more that could’ve been included into the story.

David Choe: High Risk on YoutubeonFire :-
Release: 23 July 2015 (USA)
IMDB Rating: 5.0/10
Director: Harry Kim
Stars: David Choe, Shepard Fairey, Jimmy Choe Sr.

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