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Until the Day I Die: Part 1Until the Day I Die: Part 1 :- Watch Until the Day I Die: Part 1 on Youtube on Fire,Knowing I’m one of the first reviewers for this movie, I will try very very hard to withdraw from putting out any Spoilers! Let’s start with the marketing of this movie. Shot in 2014? I never ever heard about it until this month! (March 2016). I saw this DVD in Walmart, and like most “less popular” movies, I try to get a decent non-spoilering review of the film. Their was absolutely nothing that I could find on the web. The only promo for this film was an uploaded video on a Youtube page. The page is under the name “Plus Urban” and that is in fact the production company, that I also never knew existed. The movie itself, story-wise is extremely well done. It has everything that most others try to throw into their films, and sadly are not able to capitalize on. “Until The Day I Die” is a “revenge” film. So yes, their have been many other “Death Wish”-Pseudo films out there. The story of vengeance and redemption is definitely not new to us movie-goers. Story follows Officer Gomez in the LAPD, who has a grudge against a ruthless criminal boss. The Good vs. Bad grudge match was extremely personal and intense. Gomez, believes that all the criminal drug dealers, murderers, rapists, gangs, etc. are filth polluting society and victimizing the innocents. He, indeed lets those believes effect his job. The violence is petty graphic. The Language is strong and constant. There are drugs and alcohol present in the movie, some of the story lines revolve around drug dealers. As far as Sexual Content goes, there is a short non-graphic sex scene. Also a lot of the course language is dirty innuendos. (Both English and Spanish curses). I give this 9/10. I really enjoyed this film right from the opening to the closing credits!

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Release: 8 January 2016 (USA)
IMDB Rating : 71/100
Director: Gonzalo Gonzalez
Stars : Ricky Saenz, Eric Connelly, Carl Garcia

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