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Dead Rising Endgame (2016)Dead Rising: Endgame :- Watch Dead Rising: Endgame on Youtube on Fire, DEAD RISING: ENDGAME drops us into the zombie-infested quarantined zone of East Mission City where investigative reporter Chase Carter must stop a secret government conspiracy. The reporter Chase Carter (Jesse Metcalfe) returns to East Mission City to investigate a mysterious building where prisoners are transported to be guinea pig on experiments to find a cure of the zombie infection. He uses a camera to record and transmit the images to the reporter Jill (Jessica Harmon) and to the skilled computer hacker Sandra Lowe (Marie Avgeropoulos) and finds that General Lyons (Dennis Haysbert) in involved in a secret government conspiracy. Carter is found and has to flee from Lyons’s henchmen. However the editor is afraid to broadcast the images since the TV network would certainly be sued by the government. The former executive George Hancock (Ian Tracey) from the pharmaceutical corporation Phenotrans meets Carter and tells that the army is hunting him down. Further, they should go to East Mission City to shut down the servers since Lyons plans to kill 1.5 million-people that have an implanted chip, including Sandra, and stop the cruel scientist Rand (Billy Zane), who uses humans to test his experiments. Will they succeed to stop Lyons’evil plan? “Dead Rising: Endgame” is a good sequel to “Dead Rising: Watchtower”. The non-stop action in the zombie infected city is highly entertaining. The villain General Lyons is still alive; therefore there will certainly be another sequel. Jesse Metcalfe is a cool hero and now he is surrounded by the gorgeous Marie Avgeropoulos and Keegan Connor Tracy. The great deception is the cameo of Billy Zane, with a short and silly participation. My vote is six. seems like people expect to much from this movie sometimes forgetting that it is a B-grade movie a lot of the review i’ve seen are complaining about the zombie action takes to long to begin but the thing they forget is that this movie is so much more than just are quick zombie flick… this movie actually delivers well acting: (8/10) especially lead role he is a good actor and i never knew him before these movies directing: (7/10) good story action (6/10) i would say watchtower was a 4 on action they actually also upgraded that here so a lot of thing to be happy about.. so if you don’t expect to much and just want to kill the time with a movie that is free on crackle than this will do just more than fine..

Dead Rising: Endgame on YoutubeonFire :-
Action, Horror
Release: 20 June 2016 (USA)
IMDB Rating: 4.7/10
Director: Pat Williams
Stars: Jesse Metcalfe, Keegan Connor Tracy, Jessica Harmon

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