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Dead RushDead Rush :- Watch Dead Rush on Youtube on Fire, Our little experiment Zombieworld (reviews) was mostly well received, but the main reason why we here at Dread Central consider it a success is because one of the filmmakers featured in it, Zach Ramelan, got to make a feature based upon his short! That’s the greatest result we could ever have hoped for, and right now we’re happy to share a new behind-the-scenes video for the latest P.O.V. zombie flick, Dead Rush.The film is getting set to premiere at the Canadian Film Fest (tickets on sale March 14th) (March 30-April 2nd, 2016), and distribution rights will be available at the 10th annual show for potential buyers.For the first time ever, the zombie apocalypse has fallen upon the shoulders of the viewer. Dead Rush puts you in the center of the mayhem like never before by letting you experience the horror through the eyes of a few struggling survivors as they search for safety, defend their loved ones, and fight for their lives through waves of the undead! Dawn is on the horizon, and even the day seems dark as night. The dead rush has begun. Will you make it?

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Comedy, Horror
Release: 31 March 2016 (Canada)
IMDB Rating : 39/100
Director: Zachary Ramelan
Stars : Caleigh Le Grand, Jamie Elizabeth Sampson, Timothy Paul McCarthy

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