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Detective CalzoneDetective Calzone :- Watch Detective Calzone on Youtube on Fire, Comedy is no laughing matter, as anyone who has attempted to write or direct it will tell you. Whether concerning the subjective nature of the very concept or the deceptively simple issue of timing, the genre is rife with pitfalls that have claimed countless films wanting to garner those ever-so-crucial guffaws. It is for this reason that I must express no uncertain admiration for Detective Calzone’s director, writer and editor Austin Tolin for daring to brave the tumultuous waters of comedic cinema, where a boat made of seafaring oak is seeming just as useful as a boat made entirely from stale bread, especially considering that he wore so many hats in this short’s production and that, by the film’s very nature, he is bringing his own tastes to bear in his work. It is unfortunate then, that the end result is a decidedly weak offering that lacks a level of wit and precision that could elevate its scant offerings to some higher level of hilarity. The foundation of the short’s ultimate failure lies within the writing, which is regrettably anemic in panache or a genuine spark of brilliance. The limited character interaction, though not in itself a fault, has a disconcerting lack of chemistry, most notably between the two most prominent performers, Byron Brown as the eponymous gumshoe and Adriene Mishler as his recently divorced wife. While one hardly seeks Aaron Sorkin-esque exchanges of sarcasm and rye acuity, especially given the limited running time, there are some clear missed opportunities for hilarity that ultimately.

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Release: March 2015 (USA)
IMDB Rating : 7.5/10
Short, Comedy, Crime
Director: Austin Tolin
Stars : Byron Brown, Kirk C. Johnson, Lashonda Lester

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