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Empire Season 3 Episode 8Empire Season 3 Episode 8 “The Unkindest Cut” :- Watch Empire Season 3 Episode 8 “The Unkindest Cut” on Youtube on Fire,This week, Andre and Nessa prove they’re serious about combining forces to take over Empire — and neither of them seems to care how many toes they have to step on (or how many kids’ hair they have to cut) to get there. Also: Lucious is still a demon, and Anika debuts a killer new set of lingerie. We begin at Leviticus — the first episode in quite some time that hasn’t started in Cookie’s apartment — where Tiana is rehearsing for the Helene Von Wyatt fashion show. Apparently, it’s going down like the Victoria’s Secret show, where an artist performs on the runway — which always looks like a recipe for disaster to me, but whatever. Helen Von Wyatt has a horrible haircut that’s clearly supposed to be a combination of two bobs: Anna Wintour’s signature cut and Victoria Beckham’s angled one. Cookie has brought Angelo and his mother, and of course Helene and Mrs. DuBois know each other from the fundraising circuit. Quickly, the conversation turns to an upcoming ball that’s being used as a fundraiser for Angelo’s mayoral campaign, and Mrs. DuBois all but forces Jamal to participate. Cookie tries to get him out of it — remember, he still hasn’t been able to perform live without having a complete panic attack — but Jamal insists. “It’s now or never,” he tells her.The Tiana performance, though, is becoming an issue. Cookie advises Helene that the performance should have “a little bass, a little Black Girl Magic” in it. But Helene is actually a secret/not-so-secret racist! Tiana’s natural hair doesn’t really go with the “aesthetic of the collection,” Helene says. She wants Tiana to straighten it — oh, and she wants her to wear the final piece from the collection, a tight dress with a long train that would completely inhibit pretty much all of Tiana’s choreography. “I’m sure you can make it work,” Helene tells Cookie. God, I hate this woman and we’ve known her for three minutes! But wait, it gets worse: Andre and Nessa make an appearance, and as Nessa sees Tiana on the stage, she tells Andre that’s what she wants. And he’ll do anything to make it happen.

Drama, Music
Release: 7 December 2016
IMDB Rating: 9.3/10
Director: Dennie Gordon
Stars: Terrence Howard, Amadi Ugonna, Bryshere Y. Gray

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