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Ever After High Way Too Wonderland (2015)Ever After High: Way Too Wonderland :- Watch Ever After High: Way Too Wonderland on YoutubeonFire, In the castleteria, Apple gets everyone’s attention by asking for volunteers for the new Wonderland-themed feature for the school paper. Faybelle Thorn seconds Apple’s proposition, for the sake of the Wonderlandian students and how they got here. She also has the time to point the finger at Raven Queen’s mother due to her own personal grudge. Despite the fact that Raven accidentally insults Lizzie Hearts’s mother in the process, Lizzie doesn’t feel much spite for Raven. In fact, she’s too caught up on missing home than to care what’s happening around her. Raven continues babbling and eventually turns the situation around, claiming that it is indeed the headmaster’s fault instead. Noticing that he’s listening to her, Raven takes a seat. Apple is hooked on asking questions to the headmaster regarding Wonderland’s curse, but he isn’t up for it, shutting her down by continuing that the worlds must be kept separate. Before everyone leaves for class, Apple calls for a meeting at the Study Hall if anyone’s still interested. After a tap-in personality scene about Raven and Apple, Brooke gets impatient and would rather they move onto the topic at hand. Proceeding to Apple’s lunch-held meeting for the school newspaper, Apple finds that only one person in present: Darling Charming. Darling unintentionally rambles on until Lizzie barges in, who follows by stating that she feels distressed for today is her mother’s birthday. She hands Apple and Darling her mother’s invitation but Faybelle swipes it away. Faybelle claims that by being the most powerful fairy.

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Release: TV Movie 14 August 2015
IMDB Rating : 8.5/10
Director: Mike Csunyoscka, Dan Fraga
Stars : Valerie Arem, Cam Clarke, Robbie Daymond

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