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Every Christmas Has a Story (2016)Every Christmas Has a Story :- Watch Every Christmas Has a Story on Youtube on Fire,Following an on-camera flub in which she says she doesn’t like Christmas, a popular morning show host is assigned, along with her producer who is also her old college flame, to cover the Christmas week festivities in a town known for its tremendous holiday celebration. But when she suspects something is amiss in Hollyvale, the investigative reporter surfaces and she becomes determined to get to the bottom of it, rediscovering her lost Christmas spirit – and rekindling the flames of love — in the process.I almost don’t know where to begin when it comes to my thoughts about one of the most unique Hallmark Christmas films I have ever seen. While we are assured of a happy conclusion, lots of romance, yuletide cheer, and family-friendly fun–in short, everything we love about this network–this film has brought the viewers a different take on the familiar Hallmark formula. In fact, it is so unique that there was never a dull moment for me.If you watch your screen closely for the character Michael Harper, you might spot Michael St. John Smith in that role. If you luxuriate in Hallmark Christmas films, you might recognize the actor from Family for Christmas as well as a mutli-decade career of prestigious guest star roles on various well-respected network shows. Decdiedly, he portrays this role with his solid and versatile talent and energy.In typical Hallmark fashion, the network has highlighted some and up and coming actors in this film. If you look for him, you might see Gary Sekhon as Peter–he has been seen recently on shows such as Wayward Pines, The X-Files and more. And of course, he deserves this honorable mention.

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Romance, TV Movie
Release: 12 November 2016
IMDB Rating: 6.8/10
Director: Ron Oliver
Stars: Lori Loughlin, Colin Ferguson, Willie Aames


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