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Exit 14Exit 14 :- Watch Exit 14 on YoutubeonFire, Elliot Slater is a young, attractive, Australian professional photographer living in Southern California. Having always been uncomfortable with his sexual proclivities, which tend toward the BDSM realm, he signs up for a dominatrix-themed vacation on a private tropical island known as “Eden” in the hopes of working through his discomfort. Unbeknownst to him, prior to embarking on his journey of sexual discovery, he has unwittingly photographed an international jewel thief of whom no other photos exist. The jewel thief Omar and his criminal partner Nina are intent on recovering the film in order to retain Omar’s anonymity. They follow the photographer to the island resort run by the dominatrix Mistress Lisa Emerson, posing as vacationers. Following a tip that Omar is on the island, undercover police officers Fred Lavery and Sheila Kingston also arrive, Sheila in the guise of a vacationer and Fred as a handyman. Comedic antics ensue amid the activities of scantily clad guests and employees, acting out their dominant and submissive fantasies. In the course of Elliot’s experiences as Mistress Lisa’s personal submissive, including a scene where she ties him up and fondles his naked body (especially, his bare buttocks), the two begin to fall in love. The action comes to a climax on a quick trip to New Orleans, where Lisa reluctantly admits her feelings for Elliot, all the while tailed by Omar, who attempts to kill them.

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Release: 5 April 2016 (USA)
IMDB Rating : 4.5/10
Director: Joe Salcedo
Stars : Tom Sizemore, John Schneider, Laura Flannery


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