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Final Destination (2000)Final Destination :- Watch Final Destination on Youtube on Fire, After a teenager has a terrifying vision of him and his friends dying in a plane crash, he prevents the accident only to have Death hunt them down, one by one. Alex is boarding his plane to France on a school trip, when he suddenly gets a premonition that the plane will explode. When Alex and a group of students are thrown off the plane, to their horror, the plane does in fact explode. Alex must now work out Death’s plan, as each of the surviving students falls victim. Whilst preventing the worst from happening, Alex must also dodge the FBI, which believes Alex caused the explosion. This is without a doubt the best horror movie I have seen in the 90’s so far. It is everything you could ever want. It has great acting. A great story. The atmosphere is creepy and real. Not to mention the death scenes are original and quite gross. They leave many disturbing images in you head. I don’t want to give away anything. It’s worth every dollar I spent on seeing it. I might just go see it again. Final Destination is movie making at it’s finest. Final Destination, or ‘Flight 180′ as it was titled right up until the last minute, was a surprise hit of 2000. It was made with a modest budget of $23m it grossed a nice sum of $53m in the US. It was in the UK, however, where the film really shone, up against the massive epic Gladiator at the time the movie managed to gross a none too bad £11m but what made it better was it was a true sleeper hit, it spent 14 weeks in the UK film charts. With no big name actors, and no major publicity the film did so well because of word of mouth and the word was it was damn good. I admit I was sceptical at first in reading about Final Destination.

Final Destination on YoutubeonFire :-
Horror, Thriller
Release: 17 March 2000 (USA)
IMDB Rating: 6.7/10
Director: James Wong
Stars: Devon Sawa, Ali Larter, Kerr Smith

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