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Finding Mr Right 2 Finding Mr Right 2 :- Watch Finding Mr Right 2 on Youtube on Fire,Continuing the story of Beijing Meets Seattle I from 2013, the new movie has the couple fall in love again. The theme of the story looks at family, life and love in a foreign country with scenes, story lines and occurrences in the four corners of the world.What a ridiculous and stupid screenplay! From the very beginning, the leading actress was kicked out by her Mama-San landlord, then turned around becoming a ridiculous casino employee in Macao, the story simply turned into an absurd mess further and further! Then we saw the leading male actor appeared on the screen, a real estate agent in San Marino, Los Angeles, from here on, we could clearly see what a shallow knowledge of the screenplay writer(s) and the poor directing turned this film into a totally hopeless joke. If a real estate agent could be that unprofessional, no doubt this guy didn’t even have a real estate license! How could it be possible that an agent can show a million dollars house in San Marino without being approved by the owner and would be allowed to enter such a house without the presence of the listing agent? Then, this so-called real estate agent kept talking nonsense to a rich woman from China, then after he broke into the house without even used a Supra Key and then let the woman to roam in the house alone without his escort and guidance, talked nonsense to that woman’s son in a room, and let the son touch and move the belongings of the owner’s stuff? This is another proof that most Chinese screenplay writers and the directors never did any thorough search and study of what they were trying to write and direct. Everything detail in this film just looked so absurd, so unrealistic and so childishly shallow, making this film a pain in the arse. It forced the movie viewers who had to lower down their I.Q., to become an imbecile first to accept such a phony, shallow, childish and stupid farce.This is a horrible film, only tried to cash in from the first more realistic and more genuine “When Beijing meets Seatle(?)”, exactly like another stupid film trying to fool people as the sequel of “Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon”, but in truth, only borrowed their original movie titles and signed up those actors from the first movies to fool people. These films are just like Chinese fake merchandise, real names but fake stuff. Both fake sequels simply ruined the good originals and turned them sour.

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Release: 29 April 2016 (USA)
IMDB Rating : 66/100
Director: Xiao Lu Xue
Stars : Wei Tang, Xiubo Wu, Liu Zhihong

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