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Rates : 7
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Flying ColoursFlying Colours :- Watch Flying Colours on Youtube on Fire, Tender and touching, this movie is a real story (based) of following your dreams and of how a great teacher can help people to realize their true potential. The main hero, Sayaka thickly painted social butterfly at the start of the story, with no knowledge and no skills to speak of with the help of ‘cram school’ teacher working overtime because of his belief in his students is gradually transformed over the course of the movie into successful student, sure of herself and her abilities, who applies for the entry exams into one of the finest universities in Japan. Great story and great cast frankly, I was quite skeptical when I started the movie, but all the performances were so believable, and the flow of the story is so finely woven that it completely won me over long before the movie was over. This movie moves you on many different levels girl’s struggle with her own insecurities, her troubled relationship with her family, the teacher finding ingenious ways to help students who are not interested in learning, to start with everything is told with so much skill and so much heart that you can not help being pulled in by the story. Taking literally the best parts of what characterizes Japanese film over the top acting, narrative exposition, classic tugs at the heart-strings moments and melodramatic long pauses this film pulls great screen writing, direction and acting to produce what has to be the best two hours to come out of mainstream Japanese cinema in a very long time.

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Release: 1 May 2015 (Japan)
IMDB Rating: 7.5/10
Director: Nobuhiro Doi
Stars: Kasumi Arimura, Nanami Abe, Morio Agata

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