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The Fosters Season 1 episode 7The Fosters Season 1 episode 7 “The Fallout” :- Watch The Fosters Season 1 episode 7 “The Fallout” on Youtube on Fire,Lexi’s parents punish her when they find the truth about Lexi and Jesus. During Wyatt’s meltdown, Callie tries to calm him down by telling him she’s never had a house in her whole life. This isn’t exactly true. Callie and Jude lived with their mother and Donald (Jude’s father) until their mother died in a car accident.Stef’s dad is a religious man who just based on his daughter cuddling with a girl decided to bring a priest in and seemingly alienate his daughter from religion. However, with this man being her father, despite him not being fond of her choices, he remains her dad and you can tell she loves him.Now, in terms of the topic of sexuality and religion, what I liked was they had someone who is conservative with their religious beliefs, and someone liberal with their religious beliefs. Realize though, while I split the beliefs between how religious Stef’s dad and Lexi’s parents are between conservative and liberal, it is more so traditional vs. open-minded. Stef’s dad and Lexi’s parents, Sonia and Ernie, sort of represent this transition in religion, with Stef’s dad being Christian and Lexi’s parents being catholic, of how the religious doctrine, and even the leaders, aren’t necessarily as tied to a person’s religion as their faith in a higher power. With Lexi’s parents, they accept Stef and Lena’s relationship for at the end of the day, they are raising a beautiful family, and have thus far done well. At the same time, they hold traditional values, be it cultural or dealing with religion, in which they want their daughter and Jesus to not have a lot of opportunities for alone time, much less temptation.

The Fosters Season 1 episode 7 “The Fallout” on YoutubeonFire :-
Drama, Romance
Release: 15 July 2013
IMDB Rating: 8.3/10
Director: Jeff Melman
Stars: Teri Polo, Sherri Saum, Jake T. Austin

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