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Fukushima A Nuclear Story (2015)Fukushima: A Nuclear Story :- Watch Fukushima: A Nuclear Story on Youtube on Fire, A four-year long journey in the twofold tragedy that befell Japan in the March 2011, directed by Matteo Gagliardi, written by Christine Reinhold, Matteo Gagliardi e Pio d’Emilia. A Teatro Primo Studio- Film Beyond production. Pio, Italian Sky News reporter who has lived in Japan for more than thirty years, was in Tokyo the day of the earthquake. After travelling across all the municipalities hit by the tsunami and after illegally entering the so-called “exclusion zone” already established but loosely enforced by the government he actually reaches the gate of the nuclear plant. He would not be allowed inside the plant though: to do this, he had to wait until June 2013 when Tepco, the plant operator, allows the first pool of foreign journalists in. In his quest to unfold Fukushima’s still on-going nuclear disaster, he collected over 300 hours of footage consisting of shocking images and interviews with local people, local authorities and officers, focusing on what he calls the social “collateral effects” of past and present decisions by the government and the nuclear community. An in-depth exclusive interview on what really happened at Fukushima with ex-Prime Minister Naoto Kan eventually tells us how Tokyo – and probably Japan – was saved from a much greater catastrophe by chance. The use of Manga drawings in the film, which are employed in a very thoughtful and sensitive way , make the umbearable events, which belong both to Japan’s past and present, bearable. The moving and emotional music is composed by Campanelli and performed by the Budapest Symphony Orchestra.

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Release: 2015 (Italy)
IMDB Rating : 8.5/10
Documentary, News
Director: Matteo Gagliardi
Stars : Matteo Gagliardi, Christine Reinhold

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