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Full StrikeFull Strike :- Watch Full Strike on Youtube on Fire, A young woman trains to become a badminton champion with help from reformed crooks. “Beast” Ng (Josie Ho) was a champion badminton player, but she was barred from the game for life because of her bad temper and in the ten years since that happened, she has just drifted. Dan Lau (Ekin Cheng) was once a master thief, but he and his gang of two have decided to go straight, and to learn how to play badminton. Suck Nipple Cheung (Roland Cheng) is very rich, very certain that Dan Lau is out to steal from him and secretly terrified that others look down on him; it is in his best interests, therefore, to learn to play badminton and then to defeat Dan Lau and his gang at the upcoming Big Tournament, which will be broadcast live throughout China. Beast is hired to train Dan Lau, along with the former number one champion who has fallen from grace, but will their hard work and dedication be enough?

Full Strike on YoutubeonFire :-
Action, Comedy, Sport
Release: 7 May 2015 (Hong Kong)
IMDB Rating : 51/100
Director: Chi-kin Kwok, Henri Wong
Stars : Ekin Cheng, Ronald Cheng, Josie Ho

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