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Hidden Killers Of The Post-War HomeHidden Killers Of The Post-War Home :- Watch Hidden Killers Of The Post-War Home on Youtube on Fire,Dr Suzannah Lipscomb explores the time when British people embraced modern design for the first time after years of austerity and self-denial. The look and feel of the postwar 1950s home – a ‘modern’ world of moulded plywood furniture, fibreglass, plastics and polyester – had its roots in the innovative materials discovered during World War II. In fact, no other war before or since has had such a profound effect on the technologies of our current life. This bright new era encompassed a host of social changes including higher living standards and improved technologies, but – as Suzannah discovers – there were also unexpected dangers lurking throughout the changing home.Never had it so good”? If you join Dr Suzannah Lipscomb on this look at the hazards of the 1950s house, then you’ll start to wonder. It’s a few minutes before anyone says “health and safety” but that’s what we’re talking about here. Sofas with foam interiors. Clothing made from man-made fibres … It’s all a fire risk! It’s the chemistry set segment, however, that shows how toys contributed – literally – to a postwar boom. John RobinsonMany wild mammals start off as cubs so cute it’s a surprise they aren’t all used to advertise price-comparison websites. What turns them into killing machines? Blame pushy parents, as gruelling bare-paw boot camps aim to turn the furriest into the furious. Polar bear cubs may melt icy hearts and baby cheetahs resemble a Toys R Us top seller, but it’s soon clear that the transition from doe-eyed to deadly can be a quick one. Mark Gibbings-JonesInstead, she reels off a list of all the horrid ways in which the people of the past unwittingly met their deaths in the comfort of their own living rooms. As she and her series move through time, moreover, the whole point of it rather begins to unravel.There is a justification for talking about the hidden killers stalking Georgian or Victorian homes. Back then, due to lack of science, people did not know their arsenic-laced wallpaper was slowly doing them in, or that corsets mangled up your insides.

Hidden Killers Of The Post-War Home on YoutubeonFire :-
Release: 25 May 2016
IMDB Rating : 68/100
Director: Suzanne Phillips
Stars : Suzannah Lipscomb

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