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House of DarknessHouse of Darkness :- Watch House of Darkness on Youtube on Fire,A women suspects her house is haunted as everyone around her begin thinking she’s crazy.House Of Darkness, the new haunted house movie from Lifetime Movie Network, plays like a horror movie told secondhand by people who don’t like or understand horror movies. What scares are attempted are either derivative of the most obvious sources (Halloween, The Shining, The Amityville Horror, The Orphanage, more) or so perfunctory (as in the trio of final “twists”) that they feel like sheepish apologies for trying to scare viewers in the first place. They needn’t have bothered—it’s hard to imagine who could be scared by anything in House Of Darkness, or involved on any level, for that matter.
“Inspired by a true story,” the film starts out on Halloween 1957, so that director Patrick DeLuca can ape one of John Carpenter’s slow POV shots around a tree while a pair of trick-or-treaters shriek as they disappear into the titular, nondescript suburban house. Cut to the present, as married couple Kelly (Sara Fletcher) and Brian (Gunner Wright) explain to their marriage counselor that they are moving out of the city and into the country to work on their problems. “And Brian, do you feel that you’re over your jealousy issues?” asks the therapist helpfully, introducing a dynamic from which the couple never wavers, as Brian looks resentful and put-upon while Kelly responds with worry and a hint of scolding.

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Release: 17 April 2016
IMDB Rating : 58/100
Director: Patrick DeLuca
Stars : Sara Fletcher, Gunner Wright, Mykayla Sohn

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