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House Party 2 The Pajama Jam! (1991)House Party 2: The Pajama Jam! :- Watch House Party 2: The Pajama Jam! on Youtube on Fire, When Kid’s college money is stolen by a crooked music promoter, Play’s solution is to stage the ‘mutha’ of all pajama parties. Starring Kid ‘n Play and Martin Lawrence. After the success of HOUSE PARTY, I would expect NEW LINE to make a sequel. And I was a little scared, because the first one was amazingly great and this seemed rushed. But what I got from writer Rusty Cundieff(TALES FROM THE HOOD & SPRUNG) and director Doung McHenry and George Jackson made a good, but more silly sequel to a classic.Kid’N’Play are going to college, well just mainly Kid, to leave the world and it’s problems. While there Kid learns the lesson of responsibility….the hard way. Play gives the Kid’s college money to a beautiful, yet crooked music promoter(Iman). And with Sidney(Tisha Campbell) wanting to see new people, Kid comes to Play with help and come up with a PAJAMA JAM PARTY. Now this one’s music is way better than the first one and is a little more funnier than one, but it just dosen’t come close as being as great as the first. The hurt comes from two things. 1.)No Robin Harris to give us some more hilarious lines, because of he’s death. 2.)Is the cartoon-like sound effects that make the movie just plain silly. Sometimes it works and a lot of times it don’t. House Party 1 and House Party to get the same rating. # One had better music (sometimes) and was funnier, but #2 was more entertaining and fun to watch, not to mention a better plot and storyline. I like the House Parties, with an exception of #3, because I can relate to them. Also, because they make me laugh. I might like the humor and characters more because I’m a black teenager, but I think anyone over 10 and under 40 would enjoy watching this movie. I give this movie a 9 out of 10.

House Party 2: The Pajama Jam! on YoutubeonFire :-
Comedy, Drama, Music
Release: 23 October 1991 (USA)
IMDB Rating: 5.1/10
Director: George Jackson, Doug McHenry
Stars: Christopher Reid, Christopher Martin, Martin Lawrence

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