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I'm Not AshamedI’m Not Ashamed :- Watch I’m Not Ashamed  on Youtube on Fire,The Columbine Massacre of April 20, 1999 completely redefined America’s view of the lives of high school students. Drawn straight from Columbine victim Rachel Joy Scott’s words and journal entries, through the insight of her mother, Beth Nimmo, it is the true story of a high school student whose compassionate, caring faith caused her to reach out to fellow students including her killers who made her a target of their murderous plan.I’m Not Ashamed is a refreshing brake from the overly sappy Christian films and depressing, pessimistic art house films I have been seeing lately. The acting was fantastic! Kudos to Masey McLain, Ben Davies, Cameron McKendry, David Errigo Jr., Mark Daugherty and all the rest of the cast. The shooters aren’t portrayed as soulless killers out to get just Rachel, but as hurting, confused young men who see violence, instead of the love and compassion of Jesus, as the answer to life’s injustices. Errigo’s performance in that role shines. The lighting was lacking at times, but overall the cinematography and camera work was well done. My biggest beef would be the conversion segment: it seemed rushed and her relatives were more tropes instead of living characters. Of course I was also disappointed that “Shreveport, Louisiana” looked like Colorado, but that’s the fault of the folks in Baton Rouge cutting the film tax credit incentives.Overall, I highly recommend you check this film out this weekend. And for the critics who complain about the film only focusing on Rachel, it does pay homage to the other victims at the end of the film, and no one is complaining about The Diary of Anne Frank being made into a movie when there were so many more victims of the Holocaust.

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Biography, Drama
Release: 21 October 2016 (USA)
IMDB Rating: 7.5/10
Director: Brian Baugh
Stars: Masey McLain, Ben Davies, Cameron McKendry

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