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Inside Men (2015)Inside Men :- Watch Inside Men on Youtube on Fire, The year is almost up, the box office has been tallied and the people have spoken. Stories of greedy corporate heirs, crooked clergy, conniving journalists and dirty politicians have risen to the top of the pile, each more acerbic than the last. But 2015 ends with a bang and one of the darkest, most fiercely critical mainstream Korean films of recent memory. Woo Min-ho ably surpasses his previous efforts with third feature Inside Men, which also marks a comeback of sorts for the embattled star Lee Byung-hun, who has spent much of the year in tabloid columns for the wrong reasons.Following a small part in Terminator: Genisys and his roles as the villain in the risible Memories of the Sword, Lee plays the gruff, charismatic leader of a small gang who, through his connection to the chief of a major newspaper, becomes a fixer in the upper echelons of the political game in Seoul. His work thrusts him into an imbroglio involving a major corporation and a presidential candidate and soon he finds himself betrayed and without his right hand. Just as a young, morally-upright district attorney tries to fight the system and bring the crooked government and business figures down, the gangster quietly stages his revenge and comeback.If Veteran profited from its skilful exploitation of a seeding discontent with the haves of Korean society, Inside Men exhibits a violent hatred of the greed and corruption.

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Release: 19 November 2015 (South Korea)
IMDB Rating : 3.5/10
Crime, Drama, Thriller
Director: Min-ho Woo
Stars : Byung-hun Lee, Seung-woo Cho, Yun-shik Baek

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