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The IntentThe Intent :- Watch The Intent  on Youtube on Fire,Gunz (Dylan Duffus) is thrust into a world of excitement when he joins the TIC crew. The crew, led by the ruthless Hoodz (Scorcher), goes from low level weed peddling to full on armed robberies within a fortnight. Their new found infamy affords them a life of guns, drugs, and girls but they also catch the attention of the police and a rival gang. To make matters worse they have been infiltrated by an undercover police officer. Does he have “THE INTENT” to remain a criminal or abide by his oath to the force? I really don’t know how this film got such a high score?! Normally IMDb scores reflect the quality of the film but in this case I’m not so sure. One of the other films where IMDb is way out is Chappie- a complete load of rubbish! Was really looking forward after reading reviews and watching trailer but it wasn’t long before I didn’t have a clue who was who and what was going on! I love gritty Brit films especially crime/gang related but this fell way short of expectations, a real let down. If you’re a little bored maybe watch, but don’t expect it to reflect the high rating. The acting is not great, the storyline maybe acceptable but it just doesn’t seem to work. An undercover cop infiltrates a London street gang that calls themselves the TIC. Their operations transform from petty drug deals to a string of armed robberies.Femi Oyeniran writes, directs, and produces this film as well as star as the voice of reason Mitch who chooses to no longer affiliate himself with the TIC. One can definitely see Oyeniran’s influences from his better-known roles in Noel Clarke’s Kidulthood and Adulthood as modern slang and a grime soundtrack that abounds this film. Where those films had a director that would assert some semblance of discipline over their actors, Oyeniran appears to have given his actors the freedom to ad-lib much of the dialogue. Too often a character will repeat the denominations of ‘mate’ or ‘friend’ in a singular exchange.

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Crime, Drama
Release: 29 July 2016 (UK)
IMDB Rating: 6.1/10
Director: Femi Oyeniran, Kalvadour Peterson
Stars: Dylan Duffus, Scorcher, Shone Romulus

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