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Rates : 6
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IntramuralIntramural :- Watch Intramural on Youtube on Fire, With marriage, graduation, and the real world looming on the horizon, fifth year senior Caleb Fuller reassembles the ol’ team of misfits for one last epic run in Intramural football. What makes Balls Out different is it’s supporting cast. It’s the kind of film where the supporting cast steals the show and you end up liking them a lot more than the aforementioned actors. Without a doubt, Beck Bennett is worth seeing this movie alone. He’s like Stan Gable from Revenge of the Nerds turned up to 11. Kate McKinnon has very few scenes, but she steals every single one of them. In a few years, people will look back at this movie and wonder how in the hell they got all of these stars in one movie.

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Comedy, Sport
Release: 2015-06-19
IMDB Rating : 72/100
Director: Andrew Disney
Stars : Jake Lacy, Nikki Reed, Kate McKinnon

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