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Jack of the Red Hearts (2015)Jack of the Red Hearts :- Watch Jack of the Red Hearts on Youtube on Fire, Greetings again from the darkness. Being the parent of an autistic child carries challenges that require incredible patience and love and extraordinary effort. Writer Jennifer Deaton and Director Janet Grillo (Fly Away, 2011) deliver an insightful and interesting look at these challenges through the eyes of two parents, their autistic daughter, their teenage son, and the in-home caregiver they hire. The film begins with a glimpse of what appears to be two different worlds: a street wise teenage girl helping her younger sister “escape” from a foster home, and two beaten down parents of a young autistic daughter. Soon enough, these two worlds collide and Jack/Jacqueline/Donna is hired by the parents to be a live-in companion for their daughter. The parents are so desperate for help that they fall for the savvy con being played by Donna. None of what happens is surprising … Donna turns out to have a knack for helping autistic Glory, the parents begin to experience a bit more happiness, the teenage son develops a crush on Donna, and the cloud of truth is constantly hovering. Even though some of the scenes are bit corny, for the most part the story is told in a grounded manner that allows us to connect with all of the characters – conveying the pressures, stress and periodic moments of breakthrough.

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Release: 6 May 2015 (USA)
IMDB Rating : 8.5/10
Drama, Family
Director: Janet Grillo
Stars : AnnaSophia Robb, Israel Broussard, Sophia Anne Caruso

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