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Justice League vs. Teen TitansJustice League vs. Teen Titans :- Watch Justice League vs. Teen Titans on Youtube on Fire,After his volatility botches a Justice League mission. Robin/Damain Wayne is sent to work with The Teen Titans a band of young heroes. The young team must really step up to face Trigon after he possesses the League and threatens to conquer the world Let’s start with technicalities! The animation quality and design of the movie is good to very good if you keep in mind that it is a direct-to-video production – there have certainly been much worse ones around. The visual style is a continuation of the other movies that were released in the last year or two, so if you’ve gotten used to that, you’ll feel right at home. Frederik Wiedmann did a nice job with the soundtrack, and his choice of instruments stands out immediately once the movie gets to the first mystic scenes – I think it is a good match.The pacing is good. There is not really any part that feels too slow or drawn out too much, and enough action takes place throughout the movie to keep up the entertainment. A few scenes could benefit from a deeper exploration, but then again that would break the available time-budget. The story is entertaining, but a bit predictable. Not as predictable as the stories of some of the other DC movies, but there is still room for more complexity. It is targeted at a broader audience, most likely. The movie is somewhat family friendly, teens should feel right at home.

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Animation, Action
Release: 29 March 2016
IMDB Rating : 72/100
Director: Sam Liu
Stars : Rosario Dawson, Christopher Gorham, Shemar Moore

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