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KendasampigeKendasampige :- Watch Kendasampige on Youtube on Fire,Ravi and Gowri are in love. It is the typical poor boy-meets-rich girl scenario. But, this young couple has more than just the girl’s status-conscious mum to worry about Kendasampige is arguably Suri’s best work till date. Having resisted commercial temptation and has chosen actors based on the script, rather than the other way round. The film, which clocks less than 100 minutes, is a love story that unfolds in the midst of crime and other things dark. The film, which has been publicized as “Part 2: Ginimari Case”, begins with a short narrative of “Part 1: Kaage Bangara”. It tells a story of drugs, mafia and corruption in the police system in Mangaluru, before the viewer is brought to Bengaluru to narrate the love saga. Time and again, Suri has proved how he can handle dark subjects with finesse. His films like Duniya, Jackie and Kaddipudi are a case in point. Kendasampige is a notch better he has focused on taut screenplay and narration, without selling out to anything unwarranted in the script. The film exposes the nexus between the police and the rich and famous, while also showing how a corruption in the system can trickle down and influence different layers. The narrative style is fresh, keeping the viewer hooked, despite the story being one of the most used plot. This show how Suri is one of the finest makers we have had in Sandalwood. He’s backed by his reliable technical team, who deliver the right punch, be it in cinematography, editing, background score or art direction.

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Romance, Thriller
Release: 25 September 2015 (India)
IMDB Rating: 9.0/10
Director: Duniya Soori
Stars: Prakash Belawadi, Chandrashekar, Manvitha Harish

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