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King Jack (2015)King Jack :- Watch King Jack on Youtube on Fire, No unfamiliar ground is trodden in “King Jack,” a summer-haze study of adolescent anomie punctuated with blunt bouts of violence, but Felix Thompson’s debut feature covers it with an assured stride all the same. Gaining a degree of topicality from its hard depiction of teen-on-teen bullying, this gleamingly lensed tale of a 15-year-old scrapper taught a tough lesson in selflessness over a single weekend in the Hudson Valley bears the whispery influence of such American mood merchants as David Gordon Green and David Robert Mitchell. Still, Thompson demonstrates enough visual and verbal ingenuity to make this appealing miniature — an audience-award winner at the Tribeca fest in April — both a viable arthouse play and a harbinger of more ambitious things to come from its writer-helmer. If the initial outward trappings of Thompson’s filmmaking — the peachy midsummer glow permeating the frame, the dulcet acoustic scoring — portend a certain preciousness, the film’s portrayal of modern adolescence is hardly romanticized. The kids in “King Jack” bristle with uncontained inclinations toward violence and cruel manipulation of sexuality; any parents blissfully unaware of teen “sexting” conventions may get a rude awakening here. The eponymous protagonist (Charlie Plummer, best known for his recurring role in TV’s “Boardwalk Empire”) is first shown defacing a schoolmate’s family home with obscene graffiti that goes a little beyond boys-will-be-boys prankery. Auds may assume from this that he’s an aggressive delinquent, though it’s not long before Jack’s more vulnerable position in his neighborhood’s hooligan hierarchy is established.

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Release: 26 February 2016 (UK)
IMDB Rating : 6.5/10
Director: Felix Thompson
Stars : Charlie Plummer, Cory Nichols, Christian Madsen

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