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The Last Man on Earth Season 1 Episode 8The Last Man on Earth Season 1 Episode 8 “Mooovin’ In” :- Watch The Last Man on Earth Season 1 Episode 8 “Mooovin’ In” on Youtube on Fire,Phil finds a cow but gets upset with everyone’s reaction. He then steals it so he can get attention when he brings it back, but his decision backfires on him. Later, after Todd finds the cow, Carol puts the cow in her bedroom and moves in with Phil.  Driven to desperation Phil decides to drive Todd out into the desert and leave him there but at the last minute feels he cannot do it and reverses to pick him up. Innocent Todd believes the whole thing was just a joke. Ultimately Carol consents to his having sex with Melissa but before he can do the deed another man, Todd, arrives on the scene. He then believes, he can survive on his own, while talking to God.Five months later, Phil is living in a mansion full of trash and garbage. He begins to build a large Jenga tower in his house, and even make a margarita pool. He then visits the local bar, with many sports balls having drawn on faces, and speaking with the sports balls. Phil begins to head to a local shop with a mannequin. The mannequin falls apart and believes he has failed and has told God he has won. The next day, Phil plans to commit suicide as he is alone. His plan to kill himself is to crash his car into a target. He spray paints a rest in peace sign, along with the target, and plans to do- so.Almost about to crash into the target, Phil notices a smoke signal fire and drives to the smoke. He rushes out of his car, and begins to take a woman’s bra and rubbing it in his face. He passes out at the fact that there is a woman on Earth.He wakes up and begins to hallucinate a beautiful woman , and wakes up to reveal a woman giving Phil CPR. With her taking Phil’s gun, she threatens to shoot him. Phil finally calms her down, and the woman reveals herself to be named Carol Pilbasian, and both finally introduce themselves to each other as the last man and the last woman on Earth.

The Last Man on Earth Season 1 Episode 8 “Skidmark” on YoutubeonFire :-

Action, Comedy, Drama
Release: 29 March 2015
IMDB Rating: 7.4/10
Director: Claire Scanlon
Stars: Will Forte, Kristen Schaal, Mel Rodriguez

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