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Life on the Line (2015)Life on the Line :- Watch Life on the Line on Youtube on Fire, Aiming to shine a light on overlooked heroes of the modern age, Life on the Line instead cobbles together a crude action-melodrama. The subject is linemen — as in “Wichita Lineman” — who risk life and limb to keep the American electrical grid working. As far as pop-culture nods to the courageous utility workers go, the feature, which had its world premiere at the Napa Valley Film Festival, doesn’t come close to the impact of the classic Jimmy Webb song. John Travolta’s lead turn might spark distributor interest for the indie feature, but he’s as short-circuited by the clumsy screenplay and direction as everyone else in the cast. A passion project of producer Chad Dubea, a former utility-service contractor, the Texas-set story revolves around the challenges of a major power-grid upgrade, interweaving stiff pieces of backstory. The drama’s elements of ham-handed romance don’t involve Travolta’s character, Beau, who lives in a state of middle-aged asceticism, devoted only to his job and to Bailey (Kate Bosworth), the orphaned niece he raised. Beau’s old-school carefulness and pride in his work don’t fly with the front-office suits who, heartlessly, are worried only about deadlines. But any tension inherent in that setup is dissipated by the dialogue: One character after another reiterates the humble Beau’s expertise, reliability and honesty. The message-y screenplay, credited to three writers, is laden with factoids, posing as conversation, about “the fourth-most dangerous job in the U.S.” And for good measure, Beau presents a safety slideshow to his colleagues (and the audience), complete with images of dire injuries that their brethren have endured.

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Release: 2016 (USA)
IMDB Rating : 5.5/10
Director: David Hackl
Stars: John Travolta, Kate Bosworth, Devon Sawa

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