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Lights Camera Blood! (2015)Lights Camera Blood! :- Watch Lights Camera Blood! on Youtube on Fire, Set in the grindhouse era, Lights Camera Blood! follows the escapades of Mandalor (Alan MacKenzie), a struggling horror movie director, and his Igor-like sidekick, Rodney (Dan Baker-Moor). Chastised after delivering a lackluster film to their studio head, Mandalor and Rodney are forced to think of a new approach to their filmmaking style if they want to break into the industry. Realizing that their chance to make waves is contingent on producing snuff films, the duo seeks the help of simple-minded Gustave (Kris Scoran) to portray their villain, and murder unsuspecting, aspiring actors onscreen. As the bodies begin to pile up, Mandalor’s notoriety begins to grow, and a criminal investigation unfolds. A comedic tribute to the films of Herschel Gordon Lewis, Lights Camera Blood! is surprisingly successful at emulating the style of that era, and fans of splatter films like Blood Feast and The Wizard of Gore are sure to appreciate the film’s grainy aesthetic and overall tone. An immensely silly movie, the film is filled with goofy characters, and a cast who all seem to be in on the joke. Both MacKenzie and Baker-Moor are extremely hammy in a surprisingly effective manner, which is becoming more and more of a rarity in independent genre films. The humor is quite peculiar, and not all of the jokes work, but the actors completely commit to the onscreen absurdity. Director Kevin Doherty delivers buckets of blood and gallons of gore as loads of the red stuff is constantly spraying all over the place. A self-proclaimed “gorror film,”

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Release: 2015 (Canada)
IMDB Rating : 7.5/10
Director: Kevin Doherty
Stars : Alan MacKenzie, Dan Baker-Moor, Heather Russell

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