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You May Now Kill The BrideYou May Now Kill The Bride :- Watch You May Now Kill The Bride on Youtube on Fire,In the Lifetime TV movie You May Now Kill the Bride, a young attractive woman named Nicole (Ashley Newbrough) is glowing after her boyfriend Mark (Rocky Myers) proposes marriage. Maybe it’s the glow that prohibits Nicole from seeing the raging jealousy in the eyes of Mark’s stepsister Audrey when they first meet. Nicole asks Audrey to be a bridesmaid and everything goes downhilll after that. Audrey is obsessed with her stepbrother and is willing to kill in order to be with him.
Audrey is portrayed by Tammin Sursok. The South African-born actress is known for her roles on Pretty Little Liars (Jenna Marshall), Hannah Montana (Siena), The Young and the Restless (Colleen Carlton), and Australia’s Home and Away (Dani Sutherland), among others. Sursok is also recognized for her role in the 2006 film Aquamarine with Emma Roberts. You May Now Kill the Bride will premiere on Lifetime on June 4 at 8pm.Mark and Nicole have been dating for a while, and Mark has finally professed his love for her. Handsome and talented, Mark seems like the perfect guy, and Nicole is more than thrilled when he finally asks for her hand in marriage. After Mark symbolizes his love with a big beautiful diamond, it’s obvious that Nicole is more important to him than anyone else in the world. But what Nicole doesn’t know is that Mark has a stepsister named Audrey who has just shown up to town to help out with the wedding. Without any close relatives of her own, Audrey seems nice at first, just like the sister Nicole never had.
Although she cannot be trusted, Nicole thinks she’s found a caring friend in Audrey and begins to confide in her about Mark. However, Audrey is taking notes and plans on using every detail she learns about Nicole and Mark’s relationship during their “girl-talk” sessions to her advantage. Her aim is to make the blushing bride feel more like a third wheel than a beloved fiancee.

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Drama, Thriller
Release: 2016 (USA)
IMDB Rating : 87/100
Stars : Rocky Myers, Ashley Newbrough

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