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Memento Mortis (2015)Memento Mortis :- Watch Memento Mortis on Youtube on Fire, Memento Mortis tows the line between quirky and dark exceptionally well, delivering fun, quippy dialogue yet still packing a solid emotionally disturbing punch as it ends. A departure from the obviously low-budget, almost guerrilla style of campy shclock-fests that make up the most of Lovely Dead Films’ catalogue (though not meant to be demeaning at all; therein lies their charm), Memento Mortis takes a more serious turn for writer and director Adam Chandonnet, usually fond of Whedonesque banter. We get the best of Chandonnet’s brilliant characterization and repartee, while seeing a newfound devotion to plot that drives the film to be more than the entertaining meandering of his Cannibal Girl series [2014-15] (also starring Ms. Grabill). Though it feels like much of the film is exposition and buildup, this can only be attributed to it being LDF’s debut feature length film. While pacing is often a problem that first time feature makers experience, Chandonnet (who’s been known to fumble with it before) guides the plot with a firm grace that speaks to his natural talent. You can see a fresh commitment made to production quality in Memento Mortis, not typical for LDF, with maybe the exception of their recent short Object of My Affection [2016], gimmicky, superimposed film aging filters aside (though it was made after Memento Mortis; maybe this step up is a new trend for Chandonnet and his production company?). This attention to execution makes it decidedly more watchable than some of the other works LDF has churned out recently.

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Release: 20 November 2015 (USA)
IMDB Rating : 4.5/10
Director: Adam Chandonnet
Stars : Erika Belisle, Johnny Carroll, Angelina Carter

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